Jean-François Primeau

A deep trip. Groove, Germany

Primeau’s digitized expanses are wondrous. Foxy Digitalis, USA

Voyages||Subaqua is an album that is inspired by the different underwater areas, sometimes in a quasi-referential way, but most often in a conceptual and abstract way. It is my imaginary interpretation of what can evoke visiting these inaccessible places that yet surround humanity. Each piece is a journey into an underwater area with its own ecosystem and currents.

This album is also an attempt to create musical pieces where time and space lose their meaning, plunging the audience into the depths of sound like aquanauts exploring places where the scarcity of light thwarts our perception and our senses.


Download (MKR 128)

  • Label: Mikroclimat
  • MKR 128
  • 2022
  • UCC 771028302888
  • Total duration: 51:37
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Frank P Eckert, Groove, March 16, 2022

Jean-François Primeau arbeitet im Kontrast dazu mit abstrakt gemachten Klängen analoger Synthese an einem kein bisschen abstrakten Projekt, nämlich der klanglichen Illustration der Tiefsee und ihrer faszinierend fremden Ökosysteme. Das passiert auf Voyages||Subaqua (Mikroclimat, 1. März) in einer adäquat faszinierenden Mischung aus virtuellen Wasserrauschen, Echolot-Pings, synthetischen Walgesängen und Wummern und Dröhnen im tiefsten Bassbereich. Ein tiefer Trip.

A deep trip.


Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis, March 11, 2022

Inspired (loosely) by different underwater depths, Jean-François Primeau builds interconnected worlds of intricate harshness and beauty. Echoing digital swells grow and attach to the seafloor as bubbling arpeggios zip back and forth through light streams in the water. Glitching blurs fade into the black depths, sending sonar pings as disparate points of light. Drones stretch to the breaking point before circling a metallic drain, turning into humming crystals in the blink of an eye. Primeau’s digitized expanses are wondrous.

Primeau’s digitized expanses are wondrous.