Knotted Threads

Yves Charuest, Benedict Taylor

I met Benedict Taylor in London in 2017 where I was doing a six month residency thanks to the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec. I heard Benedict perform in ensemble and solo contexts and rapidly felt a strong connection with some of my musical concerns. I was particularly caught by his ability to listen to what sound elicits or suggests as he articulates and shapes it; a dynamic interplay of sensitivity and agency, at times yielding pretty surprising results. We managed to meet for a few private sessions and one short set at Mopomoso. Those encounters confirmed our determination to further explore this connection.

Back in Montréal, I invited Benedict in 2019 to perform with me and another duo partner of mine, Montréal-based dancer Alanna Kraaijeveld with whom I explore the kinetic quality and fragility/instability of movement and sonic threads in improvised dance and music. Around the rehearsals and performances, Benedict and I recorded the music presented on this album, a most rewarding session for both of us that we are happy to share here, especially in these times when world events force us to wait for the possibility to meet in person again and discover new threads to tie. I am grateful to Benedict for his enthusiastic response to my invitation and for sharing music, ideas, friendship, whisky and craft beer…

Yves Charuest

I met Yves in 2017 at a concert at Iklectik, London where I was playing at The Horse Improvised Music Club. After my set we chatted about the nature of our work, his background and ongoing work and research in London. We got along and felt it would be a good thing to meet and make some music together in a private setting. Yves invited me to his space where he was living and working as a part of his residency with the Quebec Arts Council.

We connected quickly as both friends and musicians. It was clear to me from the outset that this man had an extraordinary talent as a saxophonist, and a huge pair of ears as a musician, collaborator and a human. A superb listener and playing partner, and importantly a deeply questioning and challenging collaborator.

We knew it would be a good thing to continue working together in some way, though, as is often the case with connections within our musical sphere, we had to figure out some challenging logistics — in this case the Atlantic Ocean. That said after some time talking over distance, discussing ideas and attempts at regrouping — in Berlin, in London, in Canada — Yves was able to invite me for a project in Montréal in the Winter of 2019, playing and recording together as a duo, and collaborating as a trio with the wonderful contemporary dancer Alanna Kraaijeveld.

This album is part of our ongoing dialogue. The continuing musical thread. A knot for us to hold on to for a moment as we prepare to jump back in, and keep weaving.

Benedict Taylor

CD (TDB 90048 / IE 040)

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