Érick d’Orion / Andrew Beaudoin, Elizabeth Millar

Duos is a series of improvisations made in 2018. During a month-long creative residency at the Daïmon artist-run centre located in Gatineau, I took the opportunity to invite my colleague Elizabeth Millar for a short improvisation session over 2 days. We had previously recorded in the spring in a private studio and performed several concerts. The pieces with percussionist Andrew Beaudoin were developed for a feature film project by filmmaker David B Ricard, a frequent collaborator. These improvisations were recorded in December at Méduse audio studio in Montréal. This was the first time Andrew and I met, thanks to David’s invitation.

Special thanks to the Daïmon team, David B Ricard, Craig Pedersen, Marc-Olivier Germain, Catherine Lalonde Massecar, Joane Hétu, and Maxime Corbeil-Perron, and a great thank you to Elizabeth Millar and Andrew Beaudoin.


Download (MKR 125)

  • Label: Mikroclimat
  • MKR 125
  • 2021
  • UCC 771028302581
  • Total duration: 76:11
  • Interview: Érick d’Orion; video: Maxime Corbeil-Perron; In French; Subtitled in English, French; October 2021
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