Michael Oesterle: Quatuors

Bozzini Quartet

Michael Oesterle’s friendship and connection with the Quatuor Bozzini dates back nearly 25 years to the quartet’s very first commission. Ever since, Oesterle has been exploring the sound of the string quartet through a catalog that spans from 1998 to 2019. Brilliantly constructed, his music is playful, intimate, sentimental, and demanding.

Daydream Mechanics is inspired by the book Mécanique jongleuse by Québec poet Nicole Brossard and explores hypnotic figures, playing on the border between memory and perception. String Quartet No. 3 “Alan Turing” is a tribute to the English scientist and his free spirit whose creative potential we have irretrievably lost. Serious or playful, the colorful and evocative pieces of Three Pieces for String Quartet have as a common thread endangered animals. Finally, his most recent String Quartet No. 4, is a large-scale work with a calm and sprawling style. And as in all his music, the search for balance in the musical materials, which are geometric and expressive, is at the forefront.

CD (CQB 2229)

  • Label: Collection QB
  • CQB 2229 / 2022
  • UCC 771028372928
  • Total duration: 65:22
  • Sympathique case
  • 126 mm × 126 mm × 5 mm
  • 35 g

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