G(o) sol(o)

Bernard Falaise

My first solo release was called Do. The note sol (G in English) is the fifth note of the scale of C. So, that explains the title. In contrast to my other solo CDs which are very composed and orchestrated, this one is more direct with no additional takes nor edits. In short, these are improvisations as I would play them solo in concert, even though the loop effects and timbral variety often give the impression that I am not alone. (Traduction anglaise: Elizabeth Millar)


CD (AM 267)

  • Label: Ambiances Magnétiques
  • AM 267 / 2021
  • UCC 771028126729
  • Total duration: 50:36
  • Sympathique case
  • 126 mm × 126 mm × 5 mm
  • 35 g

Download (AM 267_NUM)

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