Tout croche Tapes

Tout croche / Stephen Harvey, Dominic Thibault

Tout croche is proud to release the Tout croche Tapes, a collection of improvisations recorded in Huddersfield in the UK, Montréal and Drummondville in Québec between June 2013 and July 2018.

Tout croche’s standard creative output is based on studio improvisations that subsequently get transformed and perfected by a composition process involving hard listening, heavy editing, overdubbing and creative mixing.

A few of these improvisations were resistant to being transformed in this way but we still loved them; somehow, we couldn’t make them ‘better’. Tout croche are huge fans of the band Faust, particularly their third album The Faust Tapes, and always imagined that these resistant works would be perfect for a collection of untethered and liberated pieces of music; we set the files aside for an album that we always referred to as the “Tout croche Tapes”.

When Mikroclimat approached Tout croche to release some experimental improvisations we both knew the “Tout croche Tapes” would finally see the light of day! We are massively grateful for this opportunity!

The Tout croche Tapes have been realised and they are presented to you for what they are, imperfect, explosive, spontaneous pieces of music — they glorify the musical moment we’ve managed to create in the studio. We believe they highlight an important part of our production process, sustaining an interesting discourse between improvisation and a softer, more subtle use of studio tools.

Oh! And keep fresh ears for What’s That Noise, an improv that our vocal cords still regret doing.


Download (MKR 121)

  • Label: Mikroclimat
  • MKR 121
  • 2020
  • UCC 771028302185
  • Total duration: 48:36
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