Philippe Lauzier / Belinda Campbell

Pianotissage is a sound installation that develops a play on the soundboard of a grand piano. Inspired by a loom, suspended furniture lets a tangle of threads down, sneaking between the strings of the piano, weaving in and out by motor or by hand. Like the action of excessively long bows, the sound result that occurs by friction is massive, pointillist. The colored threads stand out, delicate and vibrant, in the high and empty space that overhangs the piano. As the lines of several fluorescent pencils, they tear the sounds out of the instrument’s belly, while indulging in their fragile tension, mechanical kinetics. On the other hand, as part of the prepared piano current, chosen objects are arranged/manipuled on a selection of strings to otherwise color the sound.

With the help of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts, Philippe Lauzier created Pianotissage in 2018 during a residency at Avatar in Québec City. He collaborated with the pianist and interdiciplinary artist Belinda Campbell to develop with her, a performance which was premiered as part of the exhibitions of the Mois Multi 2019. The result of this performance is the music that can be heard on this new Mikroclimat release.


Download (MKR 117)

  • Label: Mikroclimat
  • MKR 117
  • 2020
  • UCC 771028301782
  • Total duration: 29:01
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In the press

Focus Québec — Planètes connues

Pierre Durr, Revue & Corrigée, no. 124, June 1, 2020

L’auditeur peut se plonger ici dans un environnement sonore étonnant. Il s’agit certes de piano (parfois à quatre mains, son créateur, Philippe Lauzier y étant secondé par Belinda Campbell), mais surtout d’un croisement avec des fils suspendus, inspiré du métier à tisser: non pas un piano «inside», mais un piano «outside». En somme, cette installation sonore offre une sorte de condensé entre le piano préparé et les longs strings, instruments chers à Paul Panhuysen ou Ellen Fullman. Sans doute aussi intéressant du point de vue visuel, qu’on peut apprécier ici: