Tout le monde — Réédition 1999-2019

Fanfare Pourpour / Lou Babin, Suzanne Babin, Guido Del Fabbro, Jacques Duguay, Benoît Fauteux, Roy Hübler, Christine Lajeunesse, Stéphane Ménard, Bernard Poirier, Luc Proulx, Némo Venba, Jean Derome, Normand Guilbeault, René Lussier, Jean Sabourin, Rodrigue Chocolat Tremblay, Claude Vendette

From L’Enfant Fort, a spontaneous fanfare, to the Pouet Pouet Band, a stage fanfare, to Montréal Transport Limité, underground cabaret troupe from the Plateau Mont-Royal, we now present, 20 years later and out of sheer pleasure and desire, the first CD of original compositions by Fanfare Pourpour, entitled “Tout le monde.” With this first album, Fanfare Pourpour offers us a set of music which is delicately orchestrated, lyrical, poetic, cinematic, and rythmic. Accordion, guitar, clarinet and brass calling to a party where happiness, chaos and poetry intermingle. In a time when genocides and armed conflicts affect thousands of human beings, tearing away our present and future dignity, here is a music which rekindles the meaning of the word liberty.

CD (MFMV 01-2019)

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