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Punt Érick d’Orion, Guillaume Cliche

… breathtaking results, as beautiful as they are electrifying. Don’t even think about headphones for this one: this is an album for speakers, and should be played as loud as you possibly dare. 5:4, UK

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Punt (in American and Canadian football): A kick performed by dropping the ball from the hands and then kicking it before it hits the ground.

Spontaneous electroacoustic music from Cliche and d’Orion (both active members of the label/collective Kohlenstoff): far from all forms of narration, this is radical, noisy, swift stuff. With Punt, the duo has decided to opt for dynamic compositions that blur boundaries between extremes: pop music and noise, new age and death metal, digital and analog. Elastic rhythms rub shoulders with mechanical grooves, flirting at times with saturation. Each track is borne out of a series of improvisations, with the two composers determining/choosing the different items to keep/join together/cut/paste.

  • Mikroclimat
  • MKR 111 / 2019
  • UPC/EAN 771028301188
  • Total duration: 36:31


  • 44,1 kHz, 24 bits

• MP3 • OGG • FLAC


Érick d’Orion, Guillaume Cliche

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