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Plus de Snipettes!! Martin Tétreault


Prix Opus 2018-19: Album de l’année — Finaliste

Entertaining while sometimes making sardonic comments, this homage and burlesque of recorded sound is satire mixed with love… The WholeNote, Canada

Those who you who enjoy the sound of a warped tape (raise your hands, people!) will be charmed by TétreaultVital, Netherlands

(No) More Snipettes!! is the sequel to my popular album Snipettes! What you have here is another set of selected extracts from several hours worth of tape reels and audio cassettes that were digitally transferred to a computer and then destroyed. In some cases, the original recordings were made straight to magnetic tape without going through a mixing desk. I wanted to retain as much of the original qualities of these materials and their media as possible. And that meant keeping both strokes of genius and mistakes rich in naivety and lessons learned at the time. This approach constitutes an archiving of gestures and sounds, a magnetic history that I had set aside for a while, and which, from what I can hear today, I am not the only one to have transgressed, at least in terms of analogue creation on turntables. Most of the tools used for these recordings have disappeared from my set-up. As for the music, what were originally mere exercises, now take on, here and there, new hidden meanings. What meaning? You be the judge!


  • 48 kHz, 24 bits

• MP3 • OGG • FLAC

Plus de Snipettes!!

Martin Tétreault

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