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Fleur persane Perséides

Perséides is an ensemble consisting of Jean Felix and Amir who met in Montréal late winter 2016. The meeting was an instant spark drawing on the cultural diversity and fluidity of their musical background. Jean Felix and Amir virtuosic command of their instruments create a unique fusion that combines the refinement of traditional and classical Persian music with Jazz and classical western music. Ensemble ventures into innovative territory and epic journeys free of boundaries with imaginative pieces that expand the borders of these musical traditions. The breath-like yearnings of the bass with heartfelt rhythmical flow, and the sweet fervour of the santur invoke ancient and nostalgic tales, balanced by familiar and overarching universal connections.

On the album Fleur persane, the duo Perseides presents an original repertoire, where the 2 musicians are joined on some pieces by the excellent violinist Marie Neige Lavigne (Cordâme). Musical flights that carry the listener into a fascinating universe with borders open to the world.

Fleur persane


Jean Félix Mailloux, Amir Amiri

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