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Lézardes et zébrures Bernard Falaise


Jeweled miniatures constructed of fingerpicked guitar arpeggios and electronic treatments. Quiet and contemplative, like studying the patterns of shifting light and shadow on your afternoon wall. The Squid’s Ear, USA

Bernard Falaise […] a pleinement intégré les notions d’innovation, d’accessibilité, d’audace et d’authenticité… Revue & Corrigée, France

Guitarist Bernard Falaise might be the only musician on this record, but you won’t find here any composition for solo guitar. A good chunk of “lézardes et zébrures”’s basic material features an acoustic guitar played in open tunings and fed into a freezer pedal in order to endlessly play very short loops that sound a little bit as if you were listening to a guitar and organ duo from outer space. Successive layers of instruments — from electric guitar to glockenspiel and melodica — contribute to create a rich sonic universe, at the same time acoustic and electronic, naive and skillful.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Lézardes et zébrures

Bernard Falaise

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