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Pour en finir Klaxon Gueule


They offer incredible, fascinating music. Vital, Netherlands

Together, these musicians are blessed with a sixth sense that allows them to stay in a place just long enough before moving on. La Scena Musicale, Québec

You will surely notice something unusual here: the title of Klaxon Gueule’s latest CD consists of three words. Let’s say that Falaise could be “Pour”, Côté could be “en”, and St-Onge could be “finir”. Or vice versa.

Pour en finir — an answer of sorts to their previous release, Infininiment — is the trio’s sixth album. These two CDs together might indeed take you a long way in one direction. Or in the opposite one.

Pour en finir features twelve tracks: the longest one stops at five minutes and five seconds, and the shortest one does not exceed two minutes and twenty-two seconds. There will soon be twenty years since KG started, and despite its long life, it is quite clear that the trio is irrevocably drawn to concision.

In short, the style’s usual and the music’s typical: that is to say, it is perfect for any ending.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

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Pour en finir

Klaxon Gueule

Michel F Côté, Bernard Falaise, Alexandre St-Onge

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