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Solitary Pleasures Fortner Anderson

There is a certain voyeuristic pleasure in these poems; they fittingly feel like reading someone’s diary, and part of the drive to keep reading is the promise of discovery. Montreal Review of Books, Québec

It all feels oddly old-fashioned, like one of the forgotten Beats. The Sound Projector, UK

The 35 poems found on Solitary Pleasures come from a daybook of poems written between April 26, 2004 and April 25, 2005. The poems speak of the obsessions, phantasies and encounters of Anderson’s life. Michel F Côté, Sam Shalabi and Alexandre St-Onge accompany the readings with a noisy orchestration of electronic and acoustic sources. Short spurts of polyrythmic muscle and glistening sonic excitations come together, unfolding in salutary liberation, solitary pleasures.

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  • ET 15 / 2011
  • Total duration: 48:12


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  • ETPAGES AVRIL / 2011
  • ISBN 9782981285706
  • 86 pages

Solitary Pleasures

Fortner Anderson

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