Janela serves as a time capsule of a particular era in the Thomas trajectory. Recorded mostly live at Jean Martin’s Barnyard studio, the EP documents the development of a six-piece incarnation of the band that performed together throughout 2009-10. Minimal drum synths support long, slow dynamic arcs, allowing upfront, bone-dry vocals to dialogue with vast, dense, digital keyboard swathes on topics of friendship and pursuit of the spirit. Janela is an engrossing listen, both dense and smooth. It will, hopefully, captivate your ears and your heart.

Appearing in many forms and furnishing a variety of vibes, T H O M A S is the ongoing brainchild of Toronto’s Thom Gill. Since 2009 the band has been exploring the world of song, at home and abroad, with blissfully confused audiences. Says Tad Michelak: “Smoothed out pop songs and raw emotion spread almost too thin over delicate guitar work. Thomas blurs the line between pop and the avant-garde by re-inventing the cliches and turning them into something all his own without ever becoming one himself. His voice is like silk whispers that can become alien at any minute. A bizarre un-touchable oddness lingers in his perfectly composed post-smooth pop songs, begging you to dig deeper.”

CD (BR 0324)

  • Label: Barnyard Records
  • BR 0324
  • 2011
  • Total duration: 31:19
  • 126 mm × 142 mm × 5 mm
  • 65 g

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