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La Formule Xyz Xyz

Succumb freely to these splendid close-knit wafers of electro-acoustic intensity, that’s my advice. The Sound Projector, UK

Far from formulaic, there are composers’ minds at work here, with gratingly engaging foreground phenomena emerging from background drones, concerto style. 8.5/10 Montreal Mirror, Québec

In this formula the listener assists to complete sound improvisation thanks to noisemaking, post-industrial sound orchestration, electronic and acoustic sources all of which leave far behind any preconceptions of music. Vibrant polyphony, underlying rhythm, and melody are heard, yet in an opaque and experimentation fashion. For their album, XYZ, Sir Martel, Sir Tétreault, and Sir Lauzier, create fertile ground.

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  • ET 14 / 2011
  • Total duration: 42:35


La Formule Xyz


Pierre-Yves Martel, Martin Tétreault, Philippe Lauzier

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