Au défaut du silence

Reinhold Friedl, Michael Vorfeld

Reinhold Friedl, piano, and Michael Vorfeld, cello, create music that transcends the boundaries of improvised, and composed music, as well as those between instrumental and electro-acoustic music. Their pieces range from quiet, introspective, and sparse atmospheres to very dense, highly intense, and almost orchestral parts. This music is very impressive, and strikes me as a new step in improvised music Releasing their excellent work will both broaden Trente Oiseaux’s spectrum of musical styles, and introduce the artists’ highly innovative approach to listeners outside the inner circle of improvised music.

CD (TOC 016)

  • Label: trente oiseaux
  • TOC 016
  • 2001
  • Crystal case
  • 125 mm × 142 mm × 6 mm
  • 65 g

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