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Sponge Chris Tarry, Dylan Van der Schyff

From a nether corner of the ambient world comes Sponge, a largely improvised and very eclectic take on the subject. The duet has conjured up a visceral sea of sound and imagination which is sometimes calming, sometimes disturbing, sometimes both at the sametime. Don’t mistake Sponge for another hypnotic, into-the-void wallpapermusic CD. Sponge is too emphatic and embodies a greater musical presencethan most ambient releases, largely owing to van der Schyff’s deep backgroundin improvised and new musics and to Tarry’s multifaceted experience acrossthe musical spectrum. 24 minutes of live improvised electronics.

  • Spool Music
  • SPL 101 / 1998
  • UPC/EAN 778224681625
  • Total duration: 24:00


Chris Tarry, Dylan Van der Schyff

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