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Jongleries élastiques Miriodor

Miriodor have been making adventurous progressive rock music in Quebec for over a decade. They are among a handful of bands worldwide whose works convey all hallmarks of the “R.I.O.” school: adventurous and inspired compositions, rigorous musicianship, a distinctive and highly personalized sound, periodic references to folk music, and steely determination to make music without compromise. Jongleries élastiques (“Elastic Juggling”) differs from earlier Miriodor releases due in part to the new lineup of Falaise, Globensky and Leclerc and the change in instrumentation that implies. An extensive use of guest musicians likewise give this CD a wider sonic palette than previous works.

  • Cuneiform
  • RUNE 78 / 1995
  • UPC/EAN 045775007823
  • Total duration: 62:12

Jongleries élastiques


Bernard Falaise, Pascal Globensky, Sabin Hudon