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Castafiore Bruit TTV

Bruit TTV is a sound research collective comprising artists associated to Obscure. Situated at the frontier of music/non-music and organized noises, Bruit TTV’s performances ally and oppose composition and improvisation, traditionnal and invented instruments, sound poetry and tapes, theatrics and technologies. Professionnal amateurs of yonder years, Bruit TTV takes position exploiting its multiple incompetences…

The collective presents now its second album intitled Castafiore, a rather free inspiration from Hergé’s Les Bijoux de la Castafiore, considered by Michel Serres as an essay on non-communication. Bruit TTV pushes this non-communication to its limits through a collage of sounds closely linked to the plot of this comic strip: evocations of Gounod’s Faust, of Wagnerian scales, abundant bird songs, onomatopeia and telephone rings, thus recreating the confusion of media reproduction.

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Bruit TTV

Gilles Arteau, Georges Azzaria, France Deslauriers

  • CD
    OBZ 05
    Not in catalogue

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