Une mâchoire et deux trous

Alexandre St-Onge

An excellently presented disc on a promising new label. Angbase, USA

Following his disc “Image/Négation” (previously released on Montréal-based Alien8 Recordings) and his work with Klaxon Gueule, Alexandre St-Onge presents his second solo album, a sound study devised from recordings from, of all places, inside his mouth. Crackling, buzzing sounds built around silence. This is audio art! [dt]


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  • Label: Namskeio
  • NAMSK 02 / 1999
  • Total duration: 45:49

In the press


Manu Holterbach, Revue & Corrigée, no. 44, June 1, 2000

“Le matériau de départ de ce disque consiste en un ensemble de prises de son de ma bouche, et documente aussi le fait d’avoir un micro dans ma bouche alors que je dormais devant ma maison". Il n’y a pas plus d’informations sur ce disque, ni titre, ni date, ni rien. La discrétion aussi semble être le matériau de départ. Et c’est un très beau disque qui en est le résultat. Alexandre St-Onge mâche une musique de scintillements, de craquements. Sa bouche doit être remplie d’étincelles électroniques, ou de verre pilé pétillant. Là où on cherche où se trouve la langue, la glotte dans ces stases crépitantes, là où le souffle reprends ses droits, la où les dents deviennent enfin un clavier à la Lewis Caroll. Alexandre St-ONGE nous raconte avec Une mâchoire et deux trous que c’est dans la bouche que commence la poésie, et dans le réel microscopique qu’elle se loge.

Alexandre St-Onge semble venir de Suisse, mais sa proximité poétique avec ces excellents californiens, explorateurs délicats de l’infime sonore: Loren Chasse, Brandon LaBelle et Steve Roden, est troublante et bienvenue.


Carlos M Pozo, Angbase, June 1, 2000

The quote on the inside of the elegantly designed digipack informs us: “the source material for this record consists of various field recordings of my mouth, as well as audio documentation of having a microphone in my mouth while sleeping in front of my apartment building.” Anyone who’s turned on a recorder, walked away, and later listened to the results knows that the resulting sounds have more to do with tape hiss, ambient hum, and electrical interference than with any earth-shakingly weird aural phenomena one might have wished to capture on tape. From these building blocks St-Onge crafts some rough and beautiful pieces of mysterious and very visual scrapes and groans. Track 2 is 6 tense minutes of waiting for something to happen, as the listener sinks in a static sound field of low volume mic rumbles and what is possibly the sound of the tape recorder’s motor. This track could be nothing but what it is - a mic in someone’s mouth. The kicker to track 2 is that if you make it to the final minute, the tape is cut off abruptly, and something actually does happen: a voice pops out, speaking (Russian?) clearly and calmly for a few seconds. There is obviously an artist’s hand at work here, as each piece is crafted into textures that transform the basic scratchy whirling hisses into a fairly unique set of sound works. An excellently presented disc on a promising new label.

An excellently presented disc on a promising new label.