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Sautons ce repas de midi Frank Martel

Cet album est certainement l’un des plus intéressants des dix dernières années au Québec… La Galère, Québec

… honest and pleasant music that will please many. Vital, Netherlands

Following up on their debut album “Enjambons le désert," the incredible Frank Martel et l’Ouest céleste deliver 14 new eclectic- and fantastic-sounding songs under the musical direction of the untamable Bernard Falaise. “Sautons ce repas de midi," crazy with lightness.

Highly likeable, this album contains 14 short songs, all musically and poetically entertaining and funny. Arrangements are creative, thrilling, and attuned to the wildness of the Ouest Céleste musicians. This album provides a highly enjoyable listen, a feeling urging one to hit the “Repeat" button. The eighth release from the label Monsieur Fauteux M’entendez-Vous?, “Sautons ce repas de midi" proposes music that is absolutely compatible with the label’s previous releases, including La Fanfare Pourpour’s “Tout le monde" and Ipso Facto’s “La Spirale de l’escargot."

“And so we have a handful of songs bursting with imagination, like so many wildlife, exotic or quotidian dreams put on a county-fair ride under a shower of Northern lights! Not to mention Martel’s “approximate" yet touching voice – he manages to pastiche the country genre without ever making fun of it. And those melodies seeping into your head, like so many antidotes against winter blues... Pure pleasure!" — Bande à part, SRC

Sautons ce repas de midi

Frank Martel

Michel F Côté, Bernard Falaise, Éloi Deit

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