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Live au Upstairs Nozen

Bienheureux ceux qui ont eu la chance d’assister à cet enregistrement en direct, effectué dans ce haut lieu du jazz montréalais! La Scena Musicale, Québec

coulées de lave incandescente comme il se doit, esprit free juste ce qu’il faut, bref, un très grand disque. Sorties Jazz Nights, Québec

Nozen is at the crossroads of contemporary jazz, musique actuelle and the musical traditions of Jewish Eastern Europe, and this meeting of contrasting styles gives birth to a music at once spontaneous and deep. Tanguay, Falaise and Mailloux, three of the most active musicians on the jazz and msusique actuelle scene in Quebec, joined the composer and multi-saxophonist from Argentina Damian Nisenson, and together they offer us their first CD, recorded live, an invitation to travel between two worlds: the melodies inspired of a vanished past, enveloped in a very contemporary sound.

Live au Upstairs


Damián Nisenson

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