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Muzika Damián Nisenson Trio

Quella di Nisenson è una musica molto sanguigna e ritmica che trae dalle radici etniche (sospese tra il gitano e il klezmer) la sua linfa vitale… Wonderous Stories, Italy

No translation is provided but it would seem Muzika can be defined as outstanding and sympathetic musique actuelle trio music. Coda Magazine, Canada

Eclectic, always emotional. Wandering music, music of bags and voyages, on the back of a Music Elephant. Pierre Tanguay, a floating wall, solid and foldable, sparks at the heart of the elephant. Jean Félix Mailloux, who looks further into it and swells it, the elephant’s legs. The melodic intensity of Damian Nisenson, the sinuous song of the elephant.


Damián Nisenson Trio

Damián Nisenson

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