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Monochrome Rust / Differential Bernhard Günter

Monochrome Rust, the third piece in a triptychon, initiated with the works Monochrome White and Polychrome w/Neon Nails, presents what a shiny new, digitally clean piece like Polychrome might become after fifty years of degradation and corrosion — the neon nails have become rusted, and lost their shine. Nevertheless, this study of transience is not negative — it rather contains some of the calm of handling memories of long gone events, seen in a new perspective created by the passing of time.

Differential is, in a way, the epilogue, the final touch added to the triptychon of Monochrome White, Polychrome w/Neon Nails, and Monochrome Rust that completes this cycle based on the work In Audio by British duo, Immedia.

The title Differential refers to the way I have derived its basic material: Digidesign’s Sound Designer II software has a function called ’compare files’ this process compares two sound files, and writes the difference between them (i.e., the frequencies they do not have in common) into a new sound file. For Differential, I had Sound Designer first calculate the difference between Monochrome White and Polychrome w/Neon Nails, then the difference between Monochrome White and Monochrome Rust, and finally, the difference between the two difference files. I listened to the resulting difference between differences, and decided that the ‘drama’ of the piece would be better if I reversed the whole, which I did. I then developed the appropriate panorama and equalization settings to make the entire process of the piece more apparent, and more perceptible. The final step was turning the volume down, until the piece was about half as loud as the three others in the work cycle.

Differential is a very subtle, very filigree piece, maybe even more abstract and minimalist than the three pieces it was derived from, much like a translucent version of Monochrome White. I’m quite fond of the piece, and believe it will turn this work cycle into a complete whole. It also adds to the use of the whole cycle for an eight channel sound installation.

I dedicate Differential to the people who have made it all possible: Darren & Vicky, Richard, and Taylor.

  • Line
  • LINE 009 / 2002

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Monochrome Rust / Differential

Bernhard Günter

  • 2 × CD 2.0
    LINE 009
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