Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio & Han Bennink

Jimmy Mohammed Mohammed

“I filmed the concert of the Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio in April 2006 without planning to turn it into a film. Han Bennink had already played with Jimmy in Addis Ababa, and made a special trip from the USA to do this concert with them. An excerpt appearred as part of a special event honoring Ethiopia. In December of that same year, we learned of Jimmy’s death. I decided then that I would complete this film in his memory. It pays homage to a great singer and documents an exceptionnal concert I wanted to capture.”

Stéphane Jourdain

DVD-R-Video Surround

  • Label: La Huit Production
  • LH 011 / 2009
  • UCC 3341348601724
  • Total duration: 80:00
  • 190 mm × 135 mm × 6 mm
  • 80 g