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Live in Israel Joëlle Léandre

… but her rhythmic breaths and free-form chanting complement his vocalized glossolalia so that the two sound as if they’re performing a Middle Eastern operetta. The WholeNote, Canada

The dichotomy of strings, bass and oud, and of voices, male and female, isn’t just the best of the encounters here but stands among the more interesting mixing of textures she has put on record. The Squid’s Ear, USA

Recorded live in November, 2007.

CD 1: double bass solos

CD 2: Sextet with Assif Tsachar (bass clarinet), Ariel Shibolet (soprano saxophone), Albert Beger (tenor saxophone), Haggai Fershtman (drums), Daniel Sarid (piano). Trio with Steve Horenstein (barytone, soprano saxophones, flute), JC Jones (bass). Duo with Sameer Makhoul (oud).

Live in Israel

Joëlle Léandre