Musique ~ Idée

Michel Ratté

The Michel Ratté trio, made of Michel Ratté (percussion/drums), Yves Charuest (alto saxophone) and Guillaume Dostaler (keyboards), emerges from a long collaboration that gave birth to many groups. An extremely imaginative drummer, Michel Ratté has been the leader of the trio for a while now. The songs of Musique ~ Idée are driven upon free jazz with new ideas, moving towards contemporary music. We particularly appreciate the rich tones obtained from the “prepared drums” and the tremendous mastering of expressive means. These two characteristics are pushing the Michel Ratté trio at the forefront of inventive/invented jazz in North America. An exceptional production, Musique ~ Idée is an album that has been said to be both intellectual and visceral, boasting a richness and a beauty which is definitely worth the investigation. Probably the most radical record made on the Amplitude label. Clean your ears before use.

CD (JACD 4017)

  • Label: Amplitude
  • JACD 4017
  • 1990
  • UCC 055490040173
  • Total duration: 51:55
  • Jewel case
  • 125 mm × 142 mm × 10 mm
  • 130 g

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