Mare Crisium

Interférence sardines / Andrée Bilodeau, Sébastien Doré, Lyne Goulet, Frédéric Lebrasseur, Philippe Venne

Interférence Sardines is glad to present its first album Mare Crisium, which navigates through different styles while keeping a one-track Sardine mind. Interférence Sardines’ music is one of boundaries: it is situated between rock and contemporary music, jazz and traditional music. At once eclectic and absurd, this band’s compositions are filled with wild imagination. Interférences Sardines is also a show. An evident pleasure and a somewhat controlled madness inhabit the interprets of this group, playing the music that moves them. Happiness is a contagious thing…

CD (INTS 01)

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  • Label: [Independent]
  • INTS 01
  • 1998
  • UCC 771028230327
  • Total duration: 61:45
  • 95 g

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