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Exactly What You Lost Seht, Howard Stelzer

This first album of cross-hemisphere hum by Seht and Howard Stelzer emerged organically via tapes shared through the post between New Zealand and Boston over the course of a year or so. Without any spoken agenda or external organizing concept from the start, the music willed itself into a darkly psychedelic, implacably melancholy haze. A quick scramble of caffeinated tape action kicks things off, then the album rapidly dissipates into a thick, black sleep of environmental debris and humid fog. Worn loops were played into various outdoor acoustic environments (playgrounds, front porches, trees, other prosaic spots), then fed back into low-tech machines for further harmonic decay. Shapes form in the shadows and slip away as the edges blur. After a few attempts to heave itself up onto its feet, Exactly What You Lost eventually huffs its last breath and dissolves in a cavern of industrial tics.

Exactly What You Lost

Seht, Howard Stelzer

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