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liberum arbitrium morceaux_de_machines

Cover art: Guy Boutin (2002)
  • Canada Council for the Arts

This box set contains the following items:

Bruit. Musique. Musique faite de bruit. Voir, Québec

… electroacoustic to ambient soundscapes to more experimental noisy tunes… made me like a lot the rich flavours of this surprisingly good encounter. Absurdities, Greece

So here’s the latest happenstances of our favourite miscreants of improvised music. If you thought “speed jazz” & “death ambient” musics were never really what they claim, if you think computers don’t make nearly the amount of noise their CPU should allow them to, then you need morceaux_de_machines.

Very little silence, for sure. But very much of noise accumulations in an increasingly dynamic fashion. With liberum arbitrium the duo reinvents improvised computer music with so much brio, we’ve got to wonder what could stop them now…

  • No Type
  • IMNT 0204 / 2002
  • UPC/EAN 771028020423
  • Total duration: 66:08

liberum arbitrium


A_dontigny, Érick d’Orion

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