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Ave <w> Tiari Kese

It all feels oddly old-fashioned, like one of the forgotten Beats. The Sound Projector, UK

Difficulties, delays and success: per usual, Côté’s imagination turns out all these things. The Squid’s Ear, USA

Taking the form of a sumptuous and exquisite musical nightmare, Ave <w> is Tiari Kese’s first album. Recorded and produced by Michel F Côté, these enigmatic electronic compositions feature as well an array of conventional instruments such as piano, organ, strings, percussion, trumpet and vocals. A sonic treat for insomniacs, Ave <w> can also be experienced along with illicit substances or divine drinks, or both.

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  • ET 10 / 2010
  • Total duration: 46:39


Ave <w>

Tiari Kese

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