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Chicken Klaxon Gueule

Un disco davvero bello che […] potrà intrigare parecchio chi si lascia catturare dall’esplorazione di nuovi spazi sonori (sì, è ancora possibile!) all’interno di una persistente struttura “free-rock”. Wonderous Stories, Italy

… ce groupe nous surprend à chaque apparition. JazzoSphère, France

The fourth CD from this continually evolving Montréal band. Having given themselves the privilege of perpetual laboratory, Klaxon Gueule have this time produced a kind of soiled salon music. Fake feathers, the coop at once acoustic, electric and digital, chicken counts nothing before it’s hatched. The voice, discrete, yet headless, goes from left to right. There is an extra-solar quality to this new offering from Klaxon Gueule.

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  • ET 03 / 2004
  • Total duration: 33:10



Klaxon Gueule

Michel F Côté, Bernard Falaise, Alexandre St-Onge

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