Michel Gonneville: Hozhro

Bozzini Quartet / Michel Gonneville, Marianne Lambert, Mathieu Gaulin

Bozzini Quartet joins forces with composer Michel Gonneville for a unique contemporary opera on the “hot” issue of the ecological crisis, based on the thoughts of eminent Quebecois ecologist Pierre Dansereau. The music takes us deep into the universe of a woman haunted by that crisis, a woman who is trying to reclaim her inner harmony (“hozhro” in Navajo) and embarking on a process similar in ways to a North-American Native healing ritual. Played by soprano Marianne Lambert, surrounded by the string quartet Bozzini Quartet and the saxophonist Mathieu Gaulin, the main character withdraws within herself to escape through her dreams and a sensuous form of poetry, from which she will come out calmed down and lucid.


CD (CQB 0907)

  • Label: Collection QB
  • CQB 0907
  • 2009
  • UCC 771028370726
  • Total duration: 53:54
  • 125 mm × 125 mm × 6 mm
  • 40 g

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