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Rien ne t’aura mon cœur Patrick Lafond

“Rien ne t’aura mon cœur” is a musical video realized in 1997 by Charles Guilbert, in collaboration with Michel Grou and Serge Murphy. Starring over 20 singers of the daily life, it is a suite of poetic scenes where fragility and exuberance meet. It tackles the mysterious world of desire. Because of the importance of the music in this video, its soundtrack is now available as a compact disc.

Patrick Lafond, a self-taught musician, has composed music and arranged many of the songs. Other songs and psalmodies were contributed by the singers.

“Rien ne t’aura mon cœur” focuses on common singers touched by poetry. Recorded in studio and also live on the video set, on the road and in kitchens, this mosaic of singing poems swarms with naivety and joy in life” A refreshing album.

  • [Independent]
  • CG 01 / 1998
  • UPC/EAN 771028199921
  • Total duration: 41:45

Rien ne t’aura mon cœur

Original music for the film by Charles Guilbert

Patrick Lafond

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