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It’s Only Life! Blah Blah 666

The sense of fun comes through… Paris Transatlantic, France

This is Blah’s long-awaited debut release. An eclectic assortment of unfortunate accidents that stumbles and falls somewhere in that exquisite grey area between pure old-fashioned entertainment, pre-harmonic bop, and Canada’s new wave of avant garde mariachi.

Jean Martin and Nick Fraser (aka Skins) simultaneously play one drum kit, Justin Haynes plays home-defretted guitar, Ryan Driver plays a bristle from a standard street-sweeper (as a bass), and Tania Gill plays melodica. The results are truly unprecedented. It’s Only Life! features wild-hearted interpretations of fascinating original compositions by each member of the band (with a few Mexican classics interspersed).

Blah blah blah blah blah blah…

It’s Only Life!

Blah Blah 666


  • The Barnyard Records catalogue keeps growing with three new releases: It’s Only Life by Blah Blah 666; Toronto (Duets) 2007 featuring none other than Anthony Braxton and Toronto saxophonist Kyle Brenders; and Freedman, with Justin Haynes on…

    Monday, December 15, 2008 / New releases