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Freedman Jean Martin, Justin Haynes

Haynes and Martin have succeeded in compounding magic with more magic and opening a sunny space for all. Exclaim!, Canada

Simply gorgeous Panpot, Québec

When all is said and done, maybe what we really want from a record is to witness creativity. To be led into a room where musicians take on their instruments. If you lean in and hear breathing and rustling, if you notice that the instrument — even a little uke — is fighting back, it’s a good thing. These are signs of life. And if music gets prized from old pieces of wood and string before your eyes, it’s a prize to treasure. All you’ll hear on this recording is a ukulele and a suitcase. But amazingly, paradoxically, that confining element is its liberation, and ours. Lovely, lyrical moments are everywhere. Time gets established in subtle ways, and subtly falls away. Geographies pass. We leave the streets for the dunes. Melodies expand and contract. If there was once a wall of sound, then this disc is a window. Open it and enjoy a new view.


Jean Martin, Justin Haynes


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