Transfuge, Transfuge A/V

Pierre-André Arcand

Here are two CDs by Pierre-André Arcand who ventures in electronic music and video art. Transfuge, the audio CD, includes 3 separate sections. DJ_PA, the soundtrack of his first video, includes 7 pieces of voice work, beat box and resonant book that went through a multi-track editing process before being remixed in live performance. M2 is made up of 14 short pieces of electronic sounds generated by the following set up: a mixing board, a digital recorder and a multi effect loop like Ouroboros. It is feedback - cracklings, disruptive frequencies and harsh sounds - without the use of a microphone or any external sound source. Quite another exploration of the loop phenomenon so typical of the artist’s work. The last section, Eres+22-23, is a return to his usual method, save the fact he now operates with digital tools. The electronic art lab at Avatar succeeded in reproducing the artist’s famous sound treatment principle of evolutive looping. The Digital Macchina Ricordi was born.

Once this new electronic instrumentation was available, it became possible to convert successive sound construction commands into a simultaneous treatment of live video images: looping and evolutive mixing. Images are sampled, repeated and superimposed in an ever-changing visual continuum. The result is Transfuge A/V, a video CD comprising, apart from DJ_PA, two proposals, Vidéovox and Eclectü, produced with the MRN_MRV, the combined video and sound processing software developed this year by Le nom de la chose. The content borrows from visual poetry, the Internet, daily life, video noise, light effects and shaking images from a video camera handheld as an eye prosthesis.

Here we find Pierre-André Arcand on the path of multidisciplinarity and integration: sound poetry, visual poetry, audio art, and performance. Sounds, actions, projections. “I am doing what I am doing and I can change” he used to say. Beyond these new interfaces, however, we can recognize his very personal and poetic way of shifting into other dimensions.

CD + CD-ROM (AVTR 029/030)



  • Label: OHM / Avatar
  • AVTR 029/030 / 2002
  • Jewel case
  • 125 mm × 142 mm × 10 mm
  • 100 g