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All In Li Alin

… she creates authentically desolate atmospheres that re-claim Joy Division comparisons from the boy bands. XLR8R, USA

All In is an audio diary of “pop noir” love songs that chronicles an exploration of a deeper, more intimate side to her engaging sphere of contradictory personalities. These ten French and English parables were conceived in Li’s isolated Nesthetik lab in downtown Montréal where the themes of loneliness, erotic hope and transformation became restless acquaintances. Selections to focus upon include Killing Time, Little Girl and the final track J’aspire for those seeking an introduction to the album. The other songs like the opener Feu and the piano and voice mysteries of Leave Me Alone & Folie… depict a more personal poetry, solitary in scope and expansive in character. Stylistic references may touch upon hints of Marlena Dietrich, Nico or aspects of Serge Gainsbourg, but listeners of Li Alin are apt to find themselves in a fresher, fragile universe navigated by the obsessive nature of this spare, raw, euphoric voice.

  • Asphodel
  • ASP 2034 / 2006
  • UPC/EAN 753027203427
  • Total duration: 33:13

All In

Li Alin