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24 Frames — Trance Tim Brady, Martin Messier

This item is also included in the 24 Frames — Scatter + Trance box set (AM 905).

… immense, assured and accomplished work The WholeNote, Canada

Massive booming, enigmatic suspensions, evocative plateaus where the possibilities of a treated source are multiplied until the starting sound grows into a monster capable of killing, but also striking points of marvelous resonance, stunning us for a few seconds. The Squid’s Ear, USA

“electric guitarist Tim Brady… (an) exuberant one-man ensemble…” — The New York Times

24 Frames — Trance is composer and guitarist Tim Brady’s 16th CD, and the second to include a companion DVD, a document of his continuing multi-media collaboration with video artist Martin Messier.

24 Frames — Trance is a music of hypnotic states, of altered guitars, of 6-string alchemy, of virtuoso performances and compositional subtleties.

24 Frames — Trance is the first release of a planned series of 3 CD+DVD releases, creating a large-scale work for solo guitar and other media, with almost 3 hours of new music by one of the most influential composer/guitarists working today.

Trance — driving rhythms and a stunning solo melodic improvisation, over an orchestra of up to 35 electric guitars

Sul A — an intense and mysterious soundscape, focussing on the sound of a single string (A string) to build its dramatic structure

Switch — 5 short movments, each exploring a different approach to solo guitar and electronics

O is for Ostinato — relentless arpeggios combined with simple electronics create an Escher-like swirl of harmony, pulse and timbre.

Invisible Quartet — music in slow motion, music of the spheres, based on a radical re-working of a single sample of a glissando by a string quartet in dialogue with heavily processed electric guitar textures.

57 Ways of Playing Guitar — the largest work on the CD, in 4 sections, moving from simple solo guitar triads to complex electroacoustic invention to jazz/rock inspired melodic mayhem.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

CD-Audio + 1 DVD-Video

24 Frames — Trance

Tim Brady, Martin Messier

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