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Masafat Kiya Tabassian, Ziya Tabassian, Pierre-Yves Martel

With Masafat, meaning “Distance” they joined for an adventurous undertaking: free improvisation combined with traditional Persian music and instruments. Vital, Netherlands

Tra tradizione ed improvvisazione, tra memoria di melodie ataviche e grattugiate free… Blow Up, Italy

The first free improvisation meeting between three musicians involved in contemporay and early music. Masafat - the word means “distance” in Persian - is modern research on ancient Persian and European instruments. The outcome of a studio residency in the Gatineau Park, this recording delivers unpretentious new music that steps away from any and all traditions: oral music of the here and now.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits


Montréal-Chelsea, 227km

Kiya Tabassian, Ziya Tabassian, Pierre-Yves Martel

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