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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Rainer Wiens

Un album inspiré. Revue & Corrigée, France

Wiens’ touchstones are not just the 20th-century’s avant-garde movements, but the language of the griot, of birds, of human breath — always moving backwards in search of origins. Signal to Noise, USA

This is an album of solos and duets. Drawing inspiration from his research on African rhythms, Rainer Wiens has written complex pieces that have been magnificently performed by seasoned musicians from the Montréal new music scene.

”Over the years I had composed music that didn’t fit any of the groups I had. Instead of forcing them, I made small changes that would allow them to be played as solos.I also wrote several new pieces suited to the musical friends I wanted to record with, working with some new ideas for improvisational structures, non repeating scales and (apologies Mr. Messiaen) melodies bases on bird song. I also wanted to create something that people could come back to for nourishment of the spirit. My thanks again to Dino and the musicians for making the project a pleasure to realize.”Rainer Wiens, July 2009


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Rainer Wiens

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