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Geggie Project John Geggie

The album teems with incredible invention. The WholeNote, Canada

When a debut’s as good as Geggie Project it’s worth the wait. All About Jazz, USA

In the Fall of 2003, Ottawa double bassist John Geggie invited the internationally renowned improvising pianist Marilyn Crispell to perform with him as part of his annual jazz concert series staged at the National Arts Center. Eight months later, this duo was reunited on stage at the concert hall of the National Library of Canada during the city’s international jazz festival. Buoyed by these performances, the bassist set out to capture some of their musical magic for posterity, this time with a long-time acquaintance of his, Toronto-based drummer Nick Fraser. On October 31, 2006, the trio convened for a three day recording session in the aforementioned hall, a room with a reputation for pristine acoustics but an even greater one for the famous instrument it now houses: the Steinway D owned by the legendary Glenn Gould and bequeathed to this institution in his own will. Given these assets, there is a special aura that glows over the fourteen pieces of this side. Divided equally between composed themes for group improvisation (all penned by Geggie) and spontaneously created pieces, the tracks span a wide array of moods and textures, ranging from the lyrical, to the driving, to the spiky, even the abstract. Who knows? Maybe Glenn may have been smiling from above… And if it were so, chances are you will too when listening to this most vibrant musical offering!


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Geggie Project

John Geggie

Marilyn Crispell, Nick Fraser

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