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Décor sonore Mélanie Auclair

… non-specific buzzes and wheezes as well as trilling chalumeau split tones, hollow wood cello thumping… The WholeNote, Canada

Rumore ignorato e sottostimato, che genera l’emozione, trasforma il mondo in un immaginifico laboratorio di eventi inattesi. Blow Up, Italy

“To interpret a place, to inhabit a space…
Décor sonore is the meeting of music with the sounds that fill our daily lives.
A sonic window that opens on a place, a moment.
It’s a collection of short stories as true-to-life as they are fantastic.
This is a time to listen to the sounds that have slipped into the background of our lives.”

Mélanie Auclair

“Although it accompanies our daily lives, noise is often ignored and underestimated. It should be listened to with the eyes. There can be no noise without movement, no movement without noise. With each heartbeat, each breath, life imposes its rythm like a city that imposes its symphony of noise. One that keeps our senses on edge. What is all this if not a constantly changing sonic landscape? The moment can last 4’33”… Often the banal sketches are drawn without leaving a mark, but sometimes the grandest of works can change our ideas forever. You only need close your eyes to see.”

Antoine Berthiaume


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Décor sonore

Mélanie Auclair

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