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Chansons de la belle espérance Pierre Cartier

Top 5 disques de l’année 2006, Délire actuel, CFLX FM, Québec

Una voce evanescente e calda. Sontuosi panneggi bassistici. Jazz crepuscolare. Insomma, quando ascoltai per la prima volta Pierre Cartier fu la classica Rivelazione… Wonderous Stories, Italy

I caught Pierre Cartier’s ensemble performing this music on two occasions, once at Guelph and more recently at the Victo Fest. I liked it the first time, but found it even better the second time around. Downtown Music Gallery, USA

Inspired by jazz standards, Pierre Cartier tackles the theme of love. With all the lyricism such a quest deserves, he combines the voice of Quebec’s poets with the energy of new jazz.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Chansons de la belle espérance

Pierre Cartier

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