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Today Is a Special Day Philippe Lauzier, Miles Perkin, Robbie Kuster

A 21st Century advance on jazz chamber music, Today is a Special Day more than lives up to the inference of its title. The WholeNote, Canada

Their jazz is stimulating, yet mild and totally pleasant. Signal to Noise, USA

The debut album by these young, excellent musicians blends original compositions and improvisations into a dynamic and open contemporary jazz.

This modern jazz trio has a fluid, nuanced sound, and its debut album delivers surprisingly varied dynamics. Through experiments in rhythm, melody and texture, the group finds its own musical identity, in which rock and contemporary chamber music influences meet without being obviously felt. Irradiating curiosity, the open-ended sound of the trio is alluring, as it always offers something new to discover. The playing is articulated, interactive, and it marvelously conveys the creative spirit and collective fun of the three musicians.

Philippe Lauzier, Miles Perkin and Robbie Kuster have been working as a trio for the past year. They perform regularly together and separately in a number of other groups. They recorded Today is a Special Day in December 2005; the title commemorates that day they spent creating together.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Today Is a Special Day

Philippe Lauzier, Miles Perkin, Robbie Kuster

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