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Les choses dernières Robert Marcel Lepage

The music is, “of the night in an unknown land” and is rich with the imagistic character of dance and film. Coda Magazine, Canada

… riche en charme… ImproJazz, France

Shocking! Clarinettist and composer Robert Marcel Lepage strikes again on Ambiances Magnétiques, but for the first time, his music is clarinet-free! This new CD, Les choses dernières (“The last things”), is a suite for double string quartet and sampler, interpreted by the Quatuor Caméléon and Robert Marcel Lepage.

Fans of the clarinettist need not worry, however, for they will recognize Lepage’s personal touch, as his attacks, screams and textures as well as his sense of melody are all over the place. The music, dense, deep yet full of light, was created for Lucie Grégoire’s eponymous performance. Grégoire’s choreography was inspired by Anna Blume, heroine of Paul Auster’s “In the Country of Last Things.”

This is an invitation to discover the music of Robert Marcel Lepage and, who knows, maybe revisit Auster’s novel while you’re at it.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Les choses dernières

Robert Marcel Lepage

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