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Locomotive Locomotive

Une grande réussite. Big Bang, Canada

… his work is a unique blend of rock, psychedelic, and contemporary music, plus a lot of imagination… Montreal Mirror, Québec

Locomotive is a group directed by composer/guitarist André Duchesne sided here by guitarists Claude Fradette, Francis Grandmont and drummer Rémi Leclerc. Locomotive transgresses the sound of the now defunct group Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso Bar.

Tightly knit together, these eighteen strings cut a fine figure and give it all they have. Each guitar has its own tone and the percussion is never short of effects, off-beat rhythms and punch. A dynamic quartet which plays an intelligent rock and knows how to temper its ardours. An authentic, explosive music machine, energetic and extra-sensorial.

Locomotive is an album on which the melodic rails, sustained by Duchesne’s fantastic tales, become entangled to syncopated rhythms and the freedom of improvisation.

Locomotive, a nice way to go off-track!


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

• MP3 • OGG • FLAC



André Duchesne


  • Affiche du lancement du disque «Locomotive» (AM 027) de André Duchesne
    Affiche du lancement du disque «Locomotive» (AM 027) de André Duchesne

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