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Des pas et des mois Martin Tétreault

… 31 episodes of brilliant vinyl and instrument abuse… A wonderfully rich celebration of vinyl that will provide many hours of listening pleasure. Ear, USA

Des pas et des mois remains one of Ambiances Magnétiques’ strangest, funniest and finest moments. AllMusic, USA

Martin Tétreault is not a standard musician: his instruments are turntables. A specialist of reduction and trafficking, he has been fascinated by vinyl for several years: cutting up, scratching, scraping and even sanding the grooves. He will even go as far as ironing his victims to extract unheard sonorities!

His first album, Des pas et des mois has been conceived with the company of René Lussier, Michel F Côté, Jean Derome and Robert Marcel Lepage. Unwoven rhythms, twisted steps and social dance: Martin Tétreault plays like a mad scientist at mixing genres, creating a narrative music with his recorded samplings and his carefully dosed feedbacks.

Audacious, different, new, this music is related to rock by its humorous energy, and touches the inner rhythms of the modern world.


  • 44,1 kHz, 16 bits

Des pas et des mois

Martin Tétreault

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