Thomas Stiegler

Und. Ging. Außen. Vorüber.

Stücke 1992-2005
WER 65612
1 disc
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Not in Catalogue

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Experimental music, like Thomas Stiegler’s, invites the listener to find his way through unfamiliar acoustical environments. It is as if we were to arrive in a strange city and forced to find completely new bearings. Earlier experiences with other cities may be helpful, but they alone will not allow us to come to grips with the new city in all its uniqueness. Recognition (“that’s just like…”) immediately leads to distinctions (“but it’s different somehow”). We have to yield to the new city, to let it guide and move us. The cheerfulness in Stiegler’s music helps us, herewith. [Source: Wergo]

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Total duration: 73m41s